Berry: ‘I’ve been an idiot’

Halle Berry has decided, after some trial and error, that marriage just isn’t for her, according to the Sun. “I wish I had known then that I was not the marrying kind. It would have saved me a lot of time, heartache and grief over the years,” Berry says. “I made all the wrong choices when it came to love. I have been an idiot.” And the Oscar-winner attributes that behavior at least in part to her upbringing: “My father left us when I was young, and that did affect my life,” Berry says. “If I had a good father in my life, growing up, then I do not think I would have made the mistakes I made. I would not have been lost in love. I would have had a good role model and known what to look for.”

Dennis Quaid’s cocaine struggle

Though his battle with cocaine addiction hasn’t been a secret, Dennis Quaid is opening up about his struggle in his own words. “It was very casual at first. That’s what people were doing when they were at parties. Cocaine was even in the budgets of movies, thinly disguised,” the actor writes in an article for Newsweek. “My life was falling apart, and I noticed it myself, but I was hoping everyone else didn’t. I’d wake up, snort a line, and swear I wasn’t going to do it again that day. But then 4 o’clock rolled around, and I’d be right back down the same road like a little squirrel on one of those treadmills.” Quaid entered rehab in the early 1990s.