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People magazine has named Jennifer Lopez the world’s most beautiful woman.

Lopez world’s most beautiful

People magazine has named Jennifer Lopez the world’s most beautiful woman, and while the actress and singer is glowingly made up on the cover of the latest issue, she says it’s when she’s home and out of makeup that she feels the most beautiful. “That’s when I’m my happiest. Just being able to touch my face and rub my eyes and put my fingers in my hair and not having to worry about messing it up. It’s so much better,” Lopez says. “The thing is, it’s part of my job. I don’t want anybody thinking it’s easy. It does take time and it’s hard work. HDTV wide-screen is nobody’s friend!”

Lady Gaga:?No surgery

Despite her outlandish costumes and hairstyles, Lady Gaga isn’t planning any permanent changes to her appearance. “I have never had plastic surgery, and there are many pop singers who have,” the singer tells Harper’s Bazaar. “I think that promoting insecurity in the form of plastic surgery is infinitely more harmful than an artistic expression related to body modification. How many models and actresses do you see on magazine covers who have brand new faces and have had plastic surgery?” She also acknowledges that some might take her new habit of affixing pointed horns to her cheeks and shoulders the wrong way. “Trust me, I know that. I think a lot of people love to convolute what everyone else does in order to disempower women. But my fans know me,” she says.

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