Rihanna’s sex tape?

Hustler magazine claims they’ve got a video Rihanna doesn’t want anyone to see. “Hustler is in possession of the Rihanna and [rapper] J-Cole tape,” a spokesperson tells Radar Online. “We have seen it and we do not know what we are going to do with it yet.” But the singer herself is reportedly pleading ignorance as to what they’re talking about. “Rihanna is surprised, because there is no sex tape,” a source says.

Lohan claims Monroe for own

Lindsay Lohan is worried about her legacy and a kinship she feels for Marilyn Monroe. “People in their mind have created who I am and act as if there is no real person inside of me. Just like Marilyn,” she writes in the forward to “Marilyn: Intimate Exposures,” a new book about the late actress. “Marilyn never wanted to be just a celebrity. Neither do I.” But according to Lohan, the real problem is that they just don’t make films like they used to. “I had always thought that movie stars were in films that would last forever in your mind. But now the films don’t,” she says. “I don’t want to be remembered as someone who just wanted to be photographed, who goes out at night and gets in trouble.”


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