Today in ridiculous Taylor Swift news, the award-winning singer-songwriter has apparently found the official Taylor Swift doppelganger, twin, clone (whatever you want to call her).

Taylor reblogged the image below on her tumblr and simply said “lol I thought that was me.”

Take a look at the image. Does this young woman have what it takes to be the officially authorizedTaylor Swift doppelganger?

The original image was posted to a Tumblr owned by a young woman named Kasey. She shared the pictures saying "When your best friend looks like Taylor swift you have to take 100 selfies."

Aint that the truth.

Cosmopolitan managed to contact Taylor’s supposed twin/clone/replica, a young woman named Morgan, and she apparently “died” when she saw Taylor Swift had reblogged her picture.

"When I saw [Taylor Swift] had reblogged it I screamed and threw my phone and for the next 6 hours after that I was an ugly mess," Morgan told Cosmopolitan "Taylor is everything and the fact that she saw my face and thought it looked like hers — I died!"

Morgan claims that other humans think she looks just like Taylor Swift and told cosmo that "Before [Taylor Swift’s/Morgan’s] concert in Nashville in 2013 people lined up for photos with me for two hours!"


Two hours, people! Two hours! Honestly, we don’t see it. Maybe we’re just getting old?

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