Taylor Swift is the first to admit she’s grown up a lot in the past few years. When she was still a high school student, Swift was more reckless in her relationships, and you can hear it in songs like “Fifteen” — where she’s eager to find love — and see it in the title of her second album, “Fearless.”

But now, at 20, she’s more cautious.

“As you experience love, as you experience more relationships, you start to realize that sometimes, most times actually, love ends in goodbye,” the chatty, thoughtful singer-songwriter says about the songs from her third CD, “Speak Now.” “Love ends in pain and hurt, whether you’ve gone through it, or you see your family and friends go through it.”

Having been through high-profile relationships — and breakups — with fellow pop rocker Joe Jonas and actor Taylor Lautner, she’s all the more careful.

“Every time there’s an argument or an issue in that new relationship we have those ghosts pop up in our rearview mirror of all the times love hasn’t worked out before,” she says. “[The song] ‘Mine’ is about if you want to overcome all that, if you want to make a relationship work, you have to block out those ghosts in the rearview mirror and those voices saying this is going to end like all the rest of them did.”

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