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She skipped out on Sunday’s VMAs and the potential Kimye run-in we all deserve, but Taylor Swift had a good excuse: she was fulfilling her civic duty like the rest of us plebs. Potential jurors for a Tennessee court were surprised by Swift’s presence while awaiting selection for a criminal case on Monday morning.


A fellow juror named Tracy Bates (@TracysActivism) photographed and tweeted Swift’s attendance. The “New Romantics” singer, who is a Nashville resident, was happy to take selfies, sign autographs and chat with the pool of 29 while waiting their voir dire. In a videoposted by Bates, Swift listens intently as someone tells her that she always Snapchats her kids singing “Shake It Off,” but incidentally didn’t today — OF ALL DAYS. Perhaps a moment of relief when Swift replies, “That’s so sweet.” It certainly is. Sweet, sweet validation.