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Weekend reading: 'Teaching the Cat to Sit' recalls being gay in the Bible Belt

Michelle Theall's memoir is about growing up gay in the middle of the Bible Belt.

Teaching the Cat to Sit "Teaching the Cat to Sit" is out now.
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This memoir, about a gay woman growing up in a deeply Catholic family in Texas, tackles many of life's big questions: faith, purpose, sexuality and family. What do you do when what you want most is to please your parents, but they can't accept who you are? It's a question author Michelle Theall struggled with well into her adult life, still trying to find ways to earn the acceptance of her parents after she and her partner adopted a son.

When her son's Catholic school expelled all the children of gay parents - yes, really - Theall's attempts to stand up for him landed her in the public eye as she battled the Catholic church. The ordeal forced her to search for answers to big questions: What does it mean to be a good mother? What does it mean to be a woman? How does religion play a role in parenting?


Even if you aren't gay, chances are these are questions you're also looking for answers to.

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