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Television comes to life at ‘CSI: The Experience’

“The dead can’t speak for themselves,” says “CSI” head honcho Dr. GilGrissom, your supervisor at “CSI: The Experience.”

“The dead can’t speak for themselves,” says “CSI” head honcho Dr. Gil Grissom, your supervisor at “CSI: The Experience.” It’s thus up to you to solve the whodunits at this new exhibition in Times Square by using the same tricks and tools that real-life CSIs employ on the job.

Upon entering “CSI: The Experience,” you’ll be given a log sheet for one of three crime scenes you’re tasked to investigate. You’ll first visit the scene of the crime to gather evidence. You’ll study fingerprints, muddy footprints, firearms, DNA and clues, along the way watching video messages from “CSI” cast members and learning about the intricacies of forensic analysis. Draw conclusions in the autopsy room, where the medical examiner will use a virtual corpse to uncover just how the person died. From there, submit your findings to Dr. Grissom, find out how you fared, and watch a simulated scene of how the crime might have occurred.

“CSI: The Experience” was created in consultation with 175 forensic science experts to ensure that the material presented was true to life. It’s definitely an entertaining walk-through — albeit a bit challenging to navigate — but you’ll walk away feeling like a Level 3 CSI.

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