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In the list of Emmy snubs this year, the most commonly mentioned names have been "The Americans," "Jane the Virgin" and "Empire." The latter, at least, still earned a nomination for its star Taraji P. Henson, because the Emmy voters are not completely nuts, but that wasn't quite enough for series creator Lee Daniels, who posted a video to his Instagram feed posing with actor Jussie Smollett and saying "Fuck these motherfuckers!" in regards to the absence of "Empire" from the list of best dramas. Smollett is laughing throughout, but people seemed to take Daniels seriously enough that he felt obliged to post a video today clarifying his official Emmy stance. Saying he loves the Emmys, Daniels also says that he was just him having a little fun.

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But which is the truth?? Probably the second one (the first video is pretty clearly a joke), but we like to imagine Daniels is this dramatic in real life, because it fits in with our idea of what the creator of the wildly dramatic (and wildly entertaining) "Empire" should be like. See both videos below.

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