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The 10 most shocking moments on the 'Empire' finale

Chuck Hodes, Fox

As is the case with most 'Empire' episodes, the season finale was filled with plenty of twists and turns, rises to power, and falls from it. We rounded up the 10 most shocking things that happened.

1. Lucious picks Jamal as a successor

Well, we all knew that was the right choice. It just took Lucious a while to come to grips with it. And not only has he embraced the idea, he's ready to issue a statement defending Jamal after a homophobic Empire rapper threatens to leave the label over Jamal being in charge.

2.Jamal dangles a dude out of a window


Lucious’ old boss, Beretti, threatens Lucious with an injunction, and Jamal, to show prove he’s tough enough, dangles the dude out of a window in order to get his father’s catalog of songsback.

3. Hakeem and Anika?

This family needs to stop sharing sexual partners. It’s just weird. But Hakeem and Anika have a brief (we hope)hookup.

4. Hakeem defects

Impatient as usual, Hakeem has hurt feelings after the anointing of Jamal as successor, and he publicly disses his dad at a Snoop concert and goes to rival Creedmoor.

5. Cookie tries to kill Lucious

Look, she doesn’t try very hard. But sadly, Lucious has it on video, and forces her out of the company and tells Jamal about it. This leads to Cookie telling Jamal that his father killed Bunky. Lord and Lady Macbeth, everyone.

6. The weirdest combination of people form a team

Andre, Hakeem, Cookie and Anika are now conspiring together to take Empire from Jamal and Lucious. This does not go too smoothly. Anika and Cookie get in a fistfight, which doesn’t make the list, only because it wasn’t that surprising. But they do enlist an expert on hostile takeovers.

7. Rhonda, Rhonda, Rhonda

Andre’s blonde ice queen wife ditches him after his emotional affair with Michelle, only to come back and rescue him from Vernon, who she accidentally kills. Oh, and she’s pregnant. So, the two of them are now concealing a murder/having a baby together. Young love!

8. Lucious is really named Dwight Walker

Not even Cookie knew! But now Jamal knows. Also, Lucious was orphaned at 9. Lots of Lucious background to learn in this episode.

9. Porsha calls Lucious “Lulu”

Really, we could just make a list of the top ten best things Porsha has said on this show, because all her lines are fabulous, but this is our favorite Porsha moment yet.

10. Lucious isn’t dying

Yep, the big revelation tonight was that Lucious isn’t dying. He has another disease that, while chronic and sharing symptoms with ALS, isn’t fatal. At least he can survive for a while in prison, where he may be headed after he’s arrested for Bunky’s murder. Of course, the prosecution’s star witness was Vernon, so Lucious may not be hanging out in the slammer too long…

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