What to know before 'The Americans' season six premiere
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It seems like you can’t turn on the news today without hearing some sort of story regarding Russian spies interfering with our way of life. While these stories are tantalizing, they are never quite as sexy or sensational as the critically acclaimed FX series “The Americans.” With this upcoming season marking the show’s final foray into scandalous Cold War activity, it’s about time that we went through everything that went down before next week’s The Americans season six premiere.

Everything you need to know before the Americans Season Six Premiere

[Photo: Pari Dukovic/FX]

The fifth season of the “The Americans” was the truest example of slow-burn television. As to where earlier seasons provided wild twists and turns, this past season dealt primarily with cleaning up and building storylines within the Jennings household.  

Fans of the show know that even though Elizabeth has remained calm and cool under pressure,  the cracks have been starting to show with Phillip for a few seasons now. He has become disillusioned with “Command” and is now putting the well-being and overall safety of his family over their mission.


The family had toyed with the idea of abandoning their posts and leaving the U.S for Russia, and even told their son Henry that he could no longer go to the swanky private school he had just been accepted to. But something keeps tethering them back to their adopted home. Even though their daughter Paige now knows that her parents are spies, they still have a feeling that their lives would be better if they stayed.  

But things are getting a little too dangerous and their mission is on the verge of being discovered at any second by their neighbor, Stan Beeman, and the FBI. To leave or to stay will be the biggest decision that Philip and Elizabeth will have to face on The Americans' season six premiere. Will they go with the smartest decision and bail on their mission to save their family, or will they risk ruining everything by finishing what they started? We’ll just have to find out when The Americans season six premieres later this month.

“The Americans” final season will premiere on FX March 28th at 10 pm EST.


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