In Alyssa Shelasky's memoir, "Apron Anxiety," she chronicles her love affairs -- with men, with food and with New York City. And in the aftermath of the book's success and returning to the city she loves, we figured it was only fitting to ask her about dining out and boys -- combined.

"New York has been the one constant, great love of my life since I moved here 17 years ago," Shelasky says. "I've cheated on it multiple times with California, and fought with it viciously on stormy days and in dirty subways, but ultimately I can not live without this city. It's made me tough, sometimes even too tough, and tender (I cry once a day, happy or sad), but the city is absolutely at the core of who I am as a woman and a writer."

Here Shelasky shares her some of her dining haunts and the perfect types of guys to accompany to her favorite spots.

Where should I take ...


... a broke hipster?

Pack a baguette, good cheese and red wine and take it to the Brooklyn Bridge Park. That's my perfect night, anyway. The best things in life are free!

... a vegetarian artist?

Rucola in Brooklyn because they have fish and meat, but also gorgeous vegetarian options -- especially their giant white beans, which I dream about. Plus, it's a sexy little spot owned by the nicest people, not some smelly hippy hangout.


190 Dean St., Brooklyn


... a lawyer who's a picky eater?

Yikes. He'd probably be happy with something at Parm, but I'd take him across the street for pepperoni pizza at Rubirosa (which is really good!). Next, ditch him and go to Parm, alone, for some s'mores ice cream cake.


248 Mulberry St.



235 Mulberry St., 212-965-0500

... a finance guy who loves to drop major coin?

It might be fun playing rich b--- at the lounge at Le Bernardin.

Le Bernadin

155 West 51st St., 212-554-1515

... a smart-ass foodie who's seen it all?

Take him to Tehuitzingo Mexican Deli in Hell's Kitchen. If he's not impressed by the food (those types rarely are), he will at least experience the thrill of walking into a random bodega only to find taco utopia.

Tehuitzingo Mexican Deli

695 10th Ave., 212-397-5956

... a mama's boy who loves a home-cooked meal?

Dell'anima prevails as one of the best date spots in town for warm, rustic, inviting food. And if you don't like him, cute guys own it and are always around.


38 Eighth Ave., 212-366-6633