The B-52s and Squeeze have their first new song in years

The subject matter is a bit heavier than ‘Black Coffee in Bed.’

There's more to pop music than girls and boys, and the goings on between them, right? Take the three new songs that Brit vets Squeeze are playing this summer: The titles are "Tommy," "Top of the Form" and "Honey Trap." Working backwards, let's guess that "Honey Trap" is about a girl...


"You hit the nail right on the head," laughs co-frontman Glenn Tilbrook.


Then "Top of the Form" would be about school...


"Absolutely right the second time. The only one you won't be able to guess is 'Tommy,'" Tilbrook adds.


Is it a reference to The Who?

"Nothing whatsoever," he says. "It's based on an incident in the British press; some mother giving an absolute rant against black people. There was a similar incident in a store. This song is about someone who isn't attractive in any way."

It's about racism, a heavy topic for a pop band.

"I'm pleased that we're writing about things like that. It ties into what Squeeze has done for 35 years. We've always had an eye on what is going on around us, but we've always managed to write about it in a personal rather than politicized way."

Though Squeeze reunited several years ago, these are Tilbrook and co-founder Chris Difford's first new songs in more than a dozen years, and they're shaping up to be "our best record ever," says Tilbrook.

"As much as I love our past, we can't just exist on that. We'd go mad and we'd turn into a band I don't want to turn into."

Reverse Squeeze

Squeeze's upcoming EP is a four-song demo.

"Everything is in reverse now," says Tilbrook. "We put our demos out before we do the record. In a way, a record isn't something you go on a tour to promote. A record is something you put out after a tour. The important thing is, I want people to listen. Not only are we 'Tempted' and 'Black Coffee In Bed,' we're a lot of other things too."

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