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Now that all the names are in and the internet has expressed its excitement (Tatiana Maslany!) and displeasure (No Empire best drama? no "Americans"?), it's time to move on to the next best thing: how everyone reacted on Twitter, the historical record of our time.

First up, we have Amy Poehler, who was nominated for the final season of "Parks and Recreation." While Poehler is not on Twitter, she did find a way to comment through it.

While Tatiana Maslany was fairly low key about her nomination, despite the internet freakout about it, tweeting only a thanks to the show's fans, she and Amy Schumer had a bit of a mutual love fest about the other's nominations.


If you find yourself thinking, "how many times has Julia Louis-Dreyfus been nominated for an Emmy by now??" you weren't the only one. Journalist Joe Adalian did the math, discovering that she's been in the running for 2/3 of the last 24 years, which he then tweeted out. Naturally, she had a comment on that.

Billy Eichner, meanwhile, had his eye on the competition:

Sadly, not everyone who deserves an Emmy gets nominated for one, as Abbi Jacobson from Broad City discovered.

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