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The big kids in the ‘Hall’

Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis were natural buds on the set of ‘Hall Pass.’

The Farrelly brothers’ latest comedy, “Hall Pass,” pairs Owen Wilson and “Saturday Night Live” star Jason Sudeikis as friends given a week off from marriage by their wives — so the two actors knew they’d be seeing a lot of each other. Or not, given Sudeikis’ busy schedule. Metro sat down for a chat with the chummy co-stars to talk about the film — and tried to get a word in edgewise.

You guys have a great rapport. It’s sort of the —

: [to Owen] I told you!
OWEN WILSON: Convince me.

OK, Owen. What did you think was wrong with your rapport with Jason?

: Right from the beginning it seemed like, even when we just spoke on the phone, we were going to get along. Also, like, his schedule is so crazy, having to leave and stuff. He was constantly the new kid. New cliques had formed, and I had to put my arm around him — “Come here! You can still sit here at lunch!”
JS: [To Owen] I remember the first couple weeks, you were like, “God, now I know what it feels like to be from a broken home. Someone goes away and they show up whenever, all willy-nilly.”
OW: It really was hard. Like, “God, I can’t wait to see Jason. ... Oh, he’s not here?”

The Farrelly brothers have mentioned you guys played a lot of games on set.

OW: They do a game. You know how the newspaper puts people whose birthday it is? [Bobby] would say whose birthday it was, then you’d guess how old. And Pete Farrelly dominated.
Maybe he just sits home and memorizes people’s ages.
JS: He was so good at it, you could almost accuse him of that.
OW: He won so much money.
JS: Then classic games like backgammon, various dice games and stuff like that. A lot of sort of impromptu — almost like Titanic Thompson. [To Owen] Do you know that dude?
OW: Yeah, he was a great, like, golfer and would just bet on anything.
JS: He had this great bet that he would do where he was like, “I know I can drive a golf ball 500 yards,” and people would be like, “Bulls—.” And this was in the ’30s or ’40s or whenever it was, and he’s like, “I’ll bet you a hundred bucks.” Then he goes to a cliff and he hits it off the cliff, 500 yards straight down.

Did he have a lawyer with him just in case?

JS: Of course! It was the ’30s! Everybody did.

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