The Great White Way has always been the place for movie stars to get back to their rough-and-tumble acting roots (while attracting marquee attention, of course). Here are the spring productions with the brightest wattage:

‘That Championship Season’

The stars: Chris Noth, Kiefer Sutherland, Jim Gaffigan, Jason Patric
When: Opens March 6
The details: Five old friends get together to reminisce about the anniversary of their high school championship season; the night slowly turns treacherous when secrets are revealed.
Hot tip: The play was written by Jason Miller, Jason Patric’s father. His ashes are in a cabinet that is used on the set.

The star: Billy Crudup
When: Opens March 17
The details: ?Explaining Tom Stoppard’s “Arcadia” would take an entire lunch break. Let’s just say it moves back and forth between centuries and focuses on two intertwining stories of romance and discovery.
Hot tip: This is the second time that Crudup’s performed “Arcadia.”?The first was in 1995 in his first breakthrough role.

‘How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying’
The stars: Daniel Radcliffe, John Larroquette
When: Opens March 27
The details: Perhaps one of the buzziest shows on Broadway this spring, the 50th anniversary production of “Business”?follows a young window washer who rises to the top of the World-Wide Wicket Company (with the help of the titular book, of course).
Hot tip: The Book Voice — the show’s narrator — is none other than Anderson Cooper.

‘Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo’
The star: Robin Williams
When: Opens March 31
The details: Set in the chaotic beginning of the Iraqi invasion, this dark war drama by Moises Kaufman poses questions about violence. Williams will portray the role of the tiger, who happens to be the narrator.
Hot tip: War dramas are a notoriously hard sell. Will Williams, in his Broadway debut, be able to bring in the ladies who lunch?

‘Fat Pig’
The stars: Dane Cook, Josh Hamilton, Julia Stiles
When: Opens April 26
The details: Neil LaBute’s plays always attract stars and this production of “Fat Pig” is no exception. Here, comedian Cook stars as a man who falls in love with an overweight woman to his friends’ (Hamilton, Stiles) chagrin.
Hot tip: This is the first time LaBute has directed on Broadway.