Filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan has made a career out of assaulting
audiences’ nerves with his tense and twisting thrillers; and now, for
the new film “Devil,” he’s called in reinforcements. Shyamalan serves
as “Devil” producer and story creator while bringing the Dowdle
brothers (“Quarantine”) on board to handle directing duties.

Friday, the film tells the tale of five strangers trapped in an
elevator who are struggling to uncover which of them hides a diabolical
secret before time runs out.

Originally intending to direct “Devil” himself, Shyamalan was
impressed with the Dowdles’ interpretation: “They just made a really
scary movie, which I guess is the bottom line. And it’s the fun scary.
You know how there’s like, trauma scary? That’s not what this is.
You’ll actually be giggling at yourself because you’re jumping so much.


That was really our goal. After seeing ‘Quarantine,’ I said I wanted that level of fun ride to ‘Devil.’”

“Devil” will be the first in a planned series of films called
“The Night Chronicles,” in which other directors and screenwriters will
work with story outlines provided by Shyamalan. “I’m always choosing
one (idea) over the other for myself to make, but I really want to tell
these stories, so I thought, ‘Let’s go out and get some great
filmmakers to help,’” he explains.

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