Paul Giamatti is known for his intense characters, which is why we were particularly interested in prying a few details out of the Golden Globe winner regarding his role in "The Hangover Part II" while he was promoting romantic dramedy "Barney's Version." We'll share the juicy "Hangover" bits now, but be sure to check out the full interview in the Metro later this week.


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METRO: You do yell a lot in your films, don’t you?
GIAMATTI: I yell a lot on screen. And I’d like to say it’s not
entirely my fault. People like to see me yell, and they push me to yell a lot.
It’s effective. And it’s fun, and I enjoy it, but I’m a little tired of hearing
myself yell.


METRO: You recently filmed “The Hangover 2” in Bangkok. Who do
you play in that?
GIAMATTI: You know, there’s a lot of these people... [pause] I play a
kind of bad guy, sort of.

METRO: Anything like Ken Jeong in the first one?
GIAMATTI: A little bit like him, yes. In fact, I have something to do
— I’m connected to him in a way. I think they don’t want too many plot points
revealed, but I have something that involves Ken Jeong’s character.

METRO: How was Bangkok?

GIAMATTI: It was amazing. It’s pretty wild. I mean, I don’t know what
other Asian cities are like. I have a feeling they’re very different. But it’s
pretty crazy. So I can’t imagine what, like, Hong Kong or Shanghai or places
like Mumbai — I can’t conceive of what they must be like, because that place is
pretty crazy, Bangkok.