The 'Mad Men' final season wish list

Matthew Weiner and the 'Mad Men' writers reveal what storylines they never got around to

Now that we've all had time to digest the series finale of "Mad Men," are you feeling like there were some plot threads that didn't get tied up to your satisfaction? Well, the show's writers feel your pain, but there's only so much you can cram into seven episodes of television. During a recent Writer's Guild event, creator Matthew Weiner and some of the show's writers showed off a marked-up and mangled document titled "Wish list: Things we want to deal with before the series ends."


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While several items are crossed out — either from being put into the show or being scrapped altogether — unfortunately a lot of items remain unchecked. For instance, Dr. Faye was maybe going to make an appearance, or the firm was going to have to contend with having Guns & Ammo as a client. And yeah, they did kind of leave that whole Israeli Tourism Board bit dangling. The saddest item on the list? The one that asks simply, "Sal — what happened to him?"


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