Earmuffs, vegetarians: Some of us don't just like eating animals -- we want to know how to butcher our own. If you want to get in on the trade or just know your meat a little better, then Josh Lawler -- one-half of the husband-and-wife team at The Farm and Fisherman -- is your man. The restaurant is now taking reservations for butchering classes, in which Lawler will demonstrate how to properly assess, cut and cook various meats.

You learned about butchering from your grandfather, is that right?

Yes, he had a small shop in Ardmore. I would always stand on the chair next to him on Thanksgiving and watch him carve the bird. I still use some of his knives today. I think that people want to go back to that time, when they would interact with their butcher.

So you're seeing that in your classes then?

Half the class is super interested in where the meat is coming from and how it's taken care of.

What about after class? Where do you go for a drink near the restaurant?

When I'm allowed to go out? Usually Oscar's -- it's classic. I'm down the street from Dirty Frank's, so I'll sometimes stop in for a drink over there.


The Farm and Fisherman is known for its farm-to-table approach. Any favorite farms?

For meat I like Wyebrook Farms in Downingtown, and for veggies I go for Tom Culton Organics. I go to the farmers market in West Philly on Saturdays, and then Headhouse when they’re open.

If you go

Lawler’s butchering classes ($125-$140) kick off at The Farm and Fisherman in 2013. Classes are limited to 15 students, so reservations are required.

Jan. 27: Whole Pig & Sausage Making

Feb. 24: Venison & Game

March 24: Lamb & Goat & Sausage

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