This is the third Best Of edition! And this one is all about the medleys. All of the artists you see here are part of these medleys (some of them are overused, frankly) but it's your duty to guess them all!


To make it just a little bit easier, we'll tell you who the performers in this photo are. In the way background, that's Big Star. No, they weren't the most popular band in the world, but they're a favorite of this writer, so when brainstorming topics for the medleys that we've used in the Metro Monthly Music Podcast, I was always able to come up with a quick, "Oh, Big Star sing about this obscure subject in that song of theirs!"


I had similar epiphanies for the other artists pictured here, especially with Neutral Milk Hotel, The Replacements and Bruce Springsteen.


Anyway, from left in the foreground, that's NMH, then there's Jesus because one of the medleys happened to be about that carpenter from Nazareth, then the cartoony people are from the Tom Tom Club, whose song "Genius of Love" pops up all over the place in these medleys, and then there's the Velvet Underground, with Patti Smith in front of them. Jay-Z, Bruce Springsteen and Bob Marley are next to them.


So in our three years of the MMMPod, the medleys have been a fun thematically-linked challenge to the individual programs, but I thought it would be a good idea to get them all in one place. When I did this, I was thinking specifically of bands who were on tour and looking for something fun to listen to together in the van.

So either click on the photo below, or visit iTunes to download this edition of the MMMPod by clicking here. Either way, enjoy! And
send me your answers!