The Tenors are performing at the Merriam on May 1. The Tenors are performing at the Merriam on May 1.

Adult contemporary music may not be your go-to genre. But have you gotten an eyeful of The Tenors?


Singer Clifton Murray discusses his heartthrob status with Metro from Seattle, one stop on vocal quarter’s tour for their new album, “Lead With Your Heart.”

He confesses to having “women trouble” in the past, just like his favorite musician, John Mayer. But sorry, ladies, he now has a girlfriend back home in Vancouver. We just hope she appreciates his grooming routine, which Murray admits includes a love of moisturizers and face creams. “You have to look good,” he says.

Like Celine Dion, the adult contemporary star everyone knows, The Tenors all hail from Canada. Fresh off their win at the Canadian Juno awards for best adult contemporary album, the guys — Murray, Remigio Pereira, Victor Micallef and Fraser Walters — are bringing their tour to the Merriam Theater on the Avenue of the Arts on May 1.

Murray got his start in showbiz by entertaining guests at his parent’s helicopter and fishing resort in British Columbia, Nimmo Bay (the helicoptering and the fishing can be combined, or not). Fans of the television show “Boston Legal” might recognize Nimmo Bay: it’s where William Shatner’s character, Denny Crane, vacationed. Murray had a small role in the episode.

“I played the helicopter pilot,” he says. “I’m the one that put William Shatner in time out for shooting a fish with his gun.”

Murray has since spent a little more time on TV, performing at the Emmy Awards and during Queen Elizabeth’s televised Diamond Jubilee. Which is almost as good as hanging out with William Shatner.

But it’s social media that really lets them stay in front of fans.

“We have a dedicated Facebook page for TFFs, Tenors Friends Forever. Fans, who are traveling to a concert, find local fans to stay with,” Murray says. “We invite fans to come to the sound check before the concert and meet us after the show. Sometimes three generations of fans come up afterwards. Each one likes a different song.”

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