The Voice "Battle Rounds"- Pictured: Celeste Betton, Mark Hood

Tyler Golden/NBC

The Voice moves into the battle rounds and each coach brought in one artist to help mentor their teams. Adam’s advisor was rock legend Brock Fogarty. Blake brought in country superstar Brad Paisley. Selena Gomez helped out Team Gwen, and Pharrell had Missy Elliot as his team’s advisor. In the battle rounds, each coach must pair two of their own against each other and artists have to rise to the challenge to secure a spot on their team.

Adam paired up Jordan Smith, who got a four-chair turn with his high range, versus Regina Love, an Atlanta radio host who came to The Voice with hopes of revitalizing her singing career. The two went head-to-head singing “Like I Can” by Sam Smith. Blake said Jordan’s voice was from another planet and Gwen called Regina’s singing effortless. Adam went with his gut feeling and chose Jordan, while Gwen Stefani stole Regina for her team.

Blake paired Tyler Dickerson, who returned to the stage after a long break from music, against Zach Seabaugh, who turned three chairs with his superman voice. Together the artists sang “I’m Gonna Be Someone” by Travis Tritt. Both Adam and Blake said they needed to feel a little more fire from Tyler, leaving Blake with an easy choice to move forward with Zach.

Gwen paired Elle Lawrence, who turned all four chairs with her edgy rendition of a pop song, versus Tim Atlas, who got Gwen to turn her chair with his heartfelt performance. Singing “Sweater Weather” by The Neighborhood, they both committed to the moment and sang with passion. Although Black and Adam said they would choose Tim, Gwen ultimately went with Elle. But the real surprise was when Pharrell wasted no time in stealing Tim.


Pharrell paired Celeste Betton, who gave a soulful performance of “I Love You, I Do” in her audition, with Mark Hood, who got a four-chair turn with his version of “Use Me.” Pharrell gave Celeste and Mark “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Marvin Gaye. The coaches called their performance the best battle they’ve ever seen. The battle could have easily gone to either artist, but Pharrell declared Mark as the winner.

Adam’s second pairing of the night was Dustin Monk, who caught both Adam and Blake’s attention in his blind audition, versus James Dupre, a family man who came to The Voice hoping to follow his dream. The two sang a Brock Fogarty original “It Ain’t Me.” Dustin sang with a lot of heart but James sang with precision. In the end, Adam went with the later.

For Blake’s second battle, he paired Barrett Baber, who came to The Voice to prove he could move past trauma to chase his dreams, versus Dustin Christensen, who put his business degree aside to pursue music. The two went head-to-head signing “Walking in Memphis” by Marc Cohn. Adam said they were equals on stage leaving Blake with a difficult decision, but Blake ultimately went with Barrett. The episode ended with a multi-button push for Dustin. Both Adam Levine and Gwen Stefani wanted to steal the soulful county singer, but Dustin decided to join Team Adam.

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