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One love,” sings Dwayne “Danglin” Anglin as frontman for the legendary Wailers. But in Philly, that love has to be earned.

“Philly is a very hardcore, a very uncompromising crowd who demand perfection at every event I’ve been to,” says Anglin, who sings the classic songs Bob Marley made famous in the Wailers. “The Philly crowds are very aware of the music and very knowledgeable.

“There’s no fooling or misleading Philadelphia natives.”

Anglin and theWailers — which includes original bassist Aston “Family Man” Barrett — will take on the Philly audience at the WXPN-sponsored XPoNential Music Festival, which spans Friday through Sunday at Wiggins Park and the Susquehanna Bank Center on the Camden waterfront.


The Wailers play the Susquehanna Center on Sunday.

Anglin knows theterrain. He grew up in South Jersey after emigrating from Jamaica and now lives in Monroe. Even though Anglin had a burgeoning solo career, joining the Wailers was a no-brainer for him five years ago.

“It’s truly an honor and a privilege,” Anglin says. “Bob Marley is a symbol of peace across the globe. I saw it as a great learning experience and a chance to expand my mind and to learn from the best ... so I could apply it to my own writing and own performance.”

My Morning Jacket and St. Vincent headline Saturday’s bill, and Grace Potter, George Ezra and Rayland Baxter are on the Sunday lineup with the Wailers.

My Morning Jacket has love for Philly

More than 30 acts perform at the music fest over the three days, from folk legends like the Indigo Girls to upstarts like Philly’s Cheerleader.

Tom Blankenship of My Morning Jacket is very excited.

“Philly was one of the first cities to really show us love early on,” says Blankenship via email. “Friendly folks would let us crash on their floors or take us to the Pretzel Factory for late-night doughy bites. And it’s home to our ol’ pals Dr. Dog. So much love in the air and we can’t help but channel it onstage and do our best to redirect it in positive vibrations and tones till we’re all just one big gelatinous mess of hugs and love oozing from the stage to the crowd and spilling throughout the city.”

One love, if you will. “The music is always relevant and people always need inspiration, which is what the Wailers’ music provides,” says Anglin of the Wailers.

The details

XPoNential Music Festival

Friday to Sunday

Susquehanna Bank Center and Wiggins Park

Camden waterfront,New Jersey



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