Media Matters, YouTube

If you’re a woman, you’re probably pretty unhappy with the past week.

There was the Nicki Minaj wax figurethat has been molested so much it has its own security detail. There was the weeklong sexism-tinged pandering of New York state’s governor and the mayor of NYC about potentially returning Times Square to cars because of the performers (but mostly the topless ladies in body paint) who pose in photos for tips.

Now comes this supercut of Fox News’ casual sexism fromMedia Matters, a nonprofit watchdog group, which compiled 70 clips of choice quotes like, “Why not reward her for a nice body?” and “We’re letting [women] play golf and tennis now!”

To be clear, neither of those statements is in support of the ladies in Times Square. But it sure did leave us wanting to stop at 42nd Street and show a little solidarity.