Where's the beef? Duh! It's at MF Dulock! Credit: Jeremy K./Yelp! Where's the beef? Duh! It's at MF Dulock!
Credit: Jeremy K./Yelp!

Pumpkin beer on tap? Already? Don't go thinking we're out of grilling season just yet. And thanks to these meisters of magnificent meats, your coals can put the summer sear on proper proteins for three more glorious weeks.

The Meat House
1398 Mass. Ave., Arlington
This is where I go to eat ALL the meats! I often salivate over the fresh slabs of bacon, marinated steak tips, and delicious cuts of filet from the back room. In addition to the meats, The Meat House has its liquor license, so you'll find a decent selection of beer, wine, and liquor for accompaniment with tonight's dinner. There's even veggies and/or sides you can pick up to go along with your meal, if forgot to purchase them elsewhere.
Wei W.

Maplewood Meat Market
11 Maplewood St., Malden
The prices are right, the conversation is free and I hear they are giving out free smiles with any purchase this month.What can I say about this place, it's amazing. Great choice of meat on hand everyday along with those little things you may need to make dinner with. If you are looking for something special just let john know and he will get it for you.
Derek W.

MF Dulock Pasture-Raised Meats
201A Highland Ave., Somerville
If you're willing to pay for excellent, delicious, ethical meat, this is absolutely the best place you could go. The staff are wonderful about giving recommendations, so if you're not quite sure what you want, speak up and they will guide you to the right meat for you.
Molly T.


Savenor's Market
160 Charles St., Beacon Hill
Got wild boar bacon, goose liver mousse, camel meat patties as well as was recommended and got a whole pint ( in a recycled bottle) of choc milk which was so delicious that we finished it right there and then and got back $1.50 for recycling the bottle!
Renuka K

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