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When will people learn that parties are not the best places to misbehave? You know, because other people can see you? Singer The Weeknd apparently didn't realize this when he decided to face-time a pair of eager young fans at a private party celebrating the release of his new album — a party from which 19-year-old model girlfriend — as in she's a model and his girlfriend, not a model girlfriend — Bella Hadid was conspicuously absent.

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"He went to an after-party at a private house in L.A.," a source tells Life & Style, where he hit it off with a blonde and a brunette. "He was making out with both of them, going back and forth. Then they disappeared into a bedroom together." But it's totally cool, I'm sure he just wanted to explain to them in private how much he loves his girlfriend. Now, maybe I'm a little out of touch, but what's a Weeknd?

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