It's hard out there for a pop star. It's hard out there for a pop star.

It's tough being a Disney Channel alum turned international pop star, mostly because thee are so few people who really get what you're going through. Case in point: When Ariana Grande found herself feeling overwhelmed by nasty reports that she'd been caught swearing at her fans and that her life coach had up and quit on her, she had nowhere else to turn but Miley Cyrus. "I was upset and I contacted Miley. I said, 'Miley, I'm so sad — what do I do? This isn't true. My heart is broken, I feel so bad," Grande tells the Daily Mirror. "She was like, 'Girl, don't even look at it. Just be happy that you're blessed. You have family and friends that love you, you have fans that love you who know what's true and what's not. It will blow over and tomorrow they'll be talking about something else.'" I'm going to go ahead and assume Cyrus delivered this advice while lying spread-eagle on the hood of a car, tongue sticking out, but still: It looks like Grande has already found a new life coach.

Shonda Rhimes schools fan on Twitter

Here's a tip: Don't go on Twitter to complain to Shonda Rhimes about gay love scenes on the shows she produces, because she will respond. And she has a lot more followers than you. A viewer named Dina Abdel Hakiem (925 followers) is getting more attention than she probably expected after tweeting to Rhimes (737,000 followers) that "the gay scenes on 'Scandal' and 'How to Get Away with Murder' are too much. There is no point and they add nothing to the plot." Rhimes responded with a pair of tweets, starting with the simple, "There are no gay scenes. There are scenes with people in them." But apparently she later decided that wasn't definitive enough, so she added, "If you use the phrase 'gay scenes,' you are not only late to the party but also not invited to the party. Bye Felicia."

Britney Spears' manager looks back on that VMA lip-lock

More than a decade ago, Madonna shocked MTV viewers by locking lips with Britney Spears (and Christina Aguilera) during a performance for the 2013 Video Music Awards, which might not really seem like news, but Spears' longtime manager, Larry Rudolph, feels like reminiscing. And you might be surprised to learn — or, you know, maybe not — that the lip-lock was completely planned. Rehearsed, even. "Madonna had been very, very, very rigid about the rehearsals. She was telling Britney and I every day, 'Be here tomorrow at 10 o'clock," Rudolph tells Billboard. The nerve, right? "She would never address me by name. She would just say, 'You make sure Britney's here tomorrow at 10 o'clock.'" It all paid off, apparently, because after the diva-on-ingenue smooch went off without a hitch, as Rudolph learned when he found himself in an elevator with Madge herself. In fact, she "wrapped her arms around my waist and gave me a big kiss on the lips," Rudolph says. "And she said, 'You see, Larry? It was all worth it.'" Guess she was just really into kissing that night.


Evan Rachel Wood's ghosts of Vanity Fair covers past

Speaking of 2003, remember that pink-tinged Vanity Fair "It's totally raining teens" cover? Evan Rachel Wood still does. A fan on Twitter posted the a copy of the cover — featuring Wood alongside such Young Hollywood luminaries of the time as Amanda Bynes, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Mandy Moore, Hilary Duff, Alexis Bledel, Raven-Symone and Lindsay Lohan — with the caption, "Never forget." And apparently that's not a problem for Wood, as the posting prompted her to go on a bit of a Twitter tirade about the experience 11 years ago. "I was almost in tears after this shoot," she writes. "They tried that dress on me, I wasn't comfortable but they told me there was no time 'cause everyone else took up too much time with their fittings. Then I was given a choice on whether I wanted to wear flats or heels. I chose flats and was immediately handed heels and told they looked better. Then we were all lined up, stared at and approved. I was 15 and felt for the first time my identity being erased and the pressure to shut up and do what you are told. I felt like meat. Since then, I have found my voice. Never again."'

vanityfair teens

Since then, Wood has also appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair again, though she says the later experiences were "quite lovely."

Jessica Alba's side business is booming

Jessica Alba should maybe consider not worrying too much about her acting career, and not just because of the tepid response to that "Sin City" sequel a couple of months ago. Alba's eco-friendly lifestyle brand, The Honest Co., is gearing up to go public with a valuation just under $1 billion, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The firm was launched in 2012, employs more than 200 people in its trendy Santa Monica office and is estimated to bring in more than $150 million in revenue this year. Not too shabby. So how'd she get there? "I knew my strengths and weaknesses," Alba says. "I'm very creative, I'm a dreamer. I'm practical, but I think big. I'm not a businessperson. I'm terrible at math." With that kind of money, you can pay people to be good at math for you, though.

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