The Word: Charlie Sheen's male engagement ring

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Charlie Sheen's fiancée, porn star Brett Rossi, clearly likes it because she put a ring on it. Sources tell Radar Online that Sheen has been wearing a "man's engagement ring" at Rossi's insistence. I'm usually against male jewelry on principle, but I can understand her concern. This is Charlie Sheen, after all. "Brett forced Charlie to wear the wedding band, which he is wearing as an engagement ring," a source says. "Charlie continues to hand around with other women, which infuriates Brett. It's disrespectful to their relationship, and Brett wants to make it clear that Charlie is off the market." Whether it's to make it clear to the other women or to Sheen himself, I'm not sure.


Regrets, Mischa Barton has a few

Guys, Mischa Barton has some regrets — namely taking the role of Marissa Cooper on "the O.C." In hindsight, Barton tells Metro U.K. that she would "probably not" have accepted the role that made her famous. "It's something I came so close to not doing. I had a really great thing with film. People say be grateful for what you have but it certainly [was] not the kind of thing I was expecting it to be. I've kind of seen it all," she says, punctuating her statement, I can only imagine, with a weary sigh and a drag on a Gitanes. Two more surprising details emerge from this interview: One, Barton is only 28 years old, and two, she has a tenuous grasp of the English language. Case in point: "I just like to be seen for the hard-working actress that I am and not for a bunch of extraneous press. In general people are super-quick to harbor on the gossipy stuff and less on how much work goes into it," she says. "It's really tough when you are young in this business. People blow a lot of hot air at you." I … OK.

Travolta's secret boyfriend to tell all

A man who claims to have been John Travolta's boyfriend for six years in the 1980s is planning to publish a tell-all book about the relationship, according to the National Enquirer. "I'd stay in the room next to John in luxury hotels," Greg Gotterba, who acted as Travolta's private pilot at the time, tells the tabloid. "Sometimes he'd bring women along as beards. But he would ask me to join him in his suite and we'd spend the nights together. It was our little secret." Gotterba says his relationship with Travolta ended shortly before the star married Kelly Preston. "I feel sorry for Kelly. She's a lovely person," he says. "She's in the middle of all this, and it's unfair to her."

Jennifer Garner totally not pregnant again

To be fair, Jennifer Garner has spent a good chunk of the last decade pregnant, so it's understandable that some tabloids would jump to the conclusion that she and Ben Affleck are expecting once again just because she was spotted wearing a number of loose-fitting tops recently. Despite claims by OK! and Star that there's a fourth Affleck child on the way, Garner's rep insists that the reports are "not true."

Sandra Bullock tops highest-paid actress list

Forbes magazine has released its annual list of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood, and it looks like Sandra Bullock's decision to take on "Gravity" —and share in the film's profits — was a good idea, as the Oscar-winner tops the list at $51 million. Here's how the rest of Hollywood's leading ladies shake out:

1. Sandra Bullock — $51 million
2. Jennifer Lawrence — $34 million
3. Jennifer Aniston — $31 million
4. Gwyneth Paltrow — $19 million
5. Angelina Jolie — $18 million
6. Cameron Diaz — $18 million
7. Scarlett Johansson — $17 million
8. Amy Adams — $13 million
9. Natalie Portman — $13 million
10. Kristen Stewart — $12 million

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