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Beyonce's head must feel a lot lighter now. Last night she posted a bunch of selfies on her Instagram, and her long, thick locks are totally gone, shorn to a short blonde 'do.


Style-wise, she's gone from Barbie to Ken. If Ken were also an impossibly beautiful, glamorous woman. It still looks amazing. Sort of Edie Sedgwick-esque, and perfect for an unusually hot summer, not to mention the mother of a toddler who's probably in a grabby stage. Plus it'll be much easier to fit into a bike helmet.


Hey, does this mean that there's a salon floor somewhere in Brooklyn that's covered in Beyonce's hair? Excuse me, I have to run an errand. Don't worry about it. [embedgallery id=144267]


Speaking of the borough, Brooklyn’s status as second banana to Manhattan is officially over. When even superstar Beyonce is embracing the Brooklyn lifestyle, you know it’s the center of the world.


Beyonce’s concert dates at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center wrapped up Monday night, and to celebrate she biked across the Brooklyn Bridge to get to the show. (OK, so she’s apparently staying in Manhattan. That just means that Manhattan is — gasp —a suburb of Brooklyn.) Bey posteda set of Instagram photosof her journey across the bridge.