The Word: Delia Ephron says filmmakers will hate Citi Bikes

Delia Ephron, Nora Ephron's sister fellow screenwriter, is not a big fan of the CitiBike program in New York.
Published : October 21, 2013

Credit: Metro File Photo. Credit: Metro File Photo


Nora Ephron's sister Delia, Nora's fellow author and screenwriter, is not a big fan of the Citi Bike program in New York. But not, like so many rich New Yorkers over 60, because she's afraid the bikes will knock her down.


OK, she's quite afraid of that. But she seems to understand that the bikes are not a huge addition to the mix of bravado and negligence that already endangers New Yorkers on their commutes.


Nope, she's worried about the color.


Ephron says that Citi Bank blue will change Manhattan's look for the worse. "Odds are, in your favorite romantic Manhattan movie, you’ll see barely any blue," she writes in the New York Times.

"Almost all directors and cinematographers know that, in a movie, the color blue pulls focus. If you place a love scene in front of, say, a blue bench, the audience will look at the bench and not the actors. Our city, if you look around, isn’t a blue city, or wasn’t until the bikes arrived."

I guess? I am pretty good at staying focused on the street in front of me, and New York has much more distracting things to offer than a bike that's a little more brightly colored than the others. If Delia can't handle the flashiness of NYC's bikes, I really don't know how she deals with the people.

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