Eva Green in the cleaned-up version of the "Sin City: a Dame to Kill For" poster (left) and the racy original (right). Eva Green in the cleaned-up version of the "Sin City: a Dame to Kill For" poster (left) and the racy original (right).

Eva Green doesn't get why everyone is so hung up about her boobs, and we kind of love her for it. When a poster for "Sin City: a Dame to Kill For" was released featuring the actress in a sheer top with the silhouette of her chest visible beneath prompted outcry, the studio swapped it out with a toned-down version — much to Green's chagrin. "I mean, the poster, you don't see anything!" the hardly shy actress says. "Just wait for the movie, then. It's in 3-D as well. Enjoy yourself, you know! It was nothing on the poster, it was lots of noise for nothing." In fact, if it were up to Green — and we kind of wish it were — any outcry would be over something else in the image: "I'm holding a gun on the poster," she points out. "No big deal about the gun, it's all about my tits?" To be fair, Ms. Green: yes.

Ariana Grande break-up news is a great way to find out who she is

These names might not mean anything to you just yet, but pay attention. There will be a quiz later. Singer and Nickelodeon star Ariana Grande has apparently broken up with her Australian boyfriend, Jai Brooks, according to E! News. ("Jai" is Australian for "Jay," just so you know.) So what brought an end to this happy union? Brooks, a member of the prank group the Janoskians — which is a thing? I guess? — did not present the appropriate level of sympathy during Grande's recent personal struggles. "When her grandfather was dying, everyone was there for her," a source says. "People flew to Florida to be with her, but Jai didn't. Ariana just felt he wasn't there like he should have been." Seems fair to me.

Manganiello does a body good

Dating Joe Manganiello is apparently great for your health, as new girlfriend Sofia Vergara is learning. The sober "True Blood" star has been convincing Vergara to cut out the booze as of late, according to the National Enquirer. "Joe has been a really good influence on her," a source says. "He is teaching her that she can have just as much fun without drinking and has gotten her into fitness and health. They even work out together."

Robson's MJ sexual assualt lawsuit gets explicit

Choreographer Wade Robson is pulling no punches in his ongoing civil suit against the Michael Jackson estate, leveling explicitly detailed claims about abuse Robson suffered at the hands of the late pop superstar at his Neverland Ranch between 1990 and 1997, when Robson was aged 7 to 14, according to court documents obtained by Radar Online. The latest filing has Robson's attorneys to admit that Jackson committed a host of acts — including molestation, fellatio and anal rape — against Robson and told the boy "that if anyone were to find out about their sexual activities, both of their careers would be over" and "they would go to jail," according to the documents. "Just because Michael Jackson is dead does not alleviate the corporations' responsibility to respond," Robson's lawyers said.

Vince Vaughn for 'True Detective' Season 2

The Internet has had a field day with joke predictions about who will be in Season 2 of HBO's "True Detective," but eventually someone has to actually sign on. And it looks like one of those people will be Vince Vaughn, returning to his dramatic roots after a long, long run in the comedy world. Vaughn is said to be in talks to play one of four lead roles in the hit series, which won't see the Season 1 characters played by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson return. But don't expect Vaughn to be on the right side of the law, as he's said to be considering villainous role written by series creator Nic Pizzolatto specifically for him.
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