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The party's over, everybody. Gene Simmons says rock and roll is dead. Never one for melodramatic statements, the Kiss leader explained to Esquire recently that the system's changed, man. It's changed. "Rock is finally dead. I am so sad that the next 15-year-old kid in a garage someplace in Saint Paul that plugs into his Marshall and wants to turn it up to 10 will not have anywhere near the same opportunity that I did," he says. "The death of rock was not a natural death. Rock did not die of old age. It was murdered. And the real culprit is that kid's 15-year-old next-door neighbor, probably a friend of his. Maybe even one of the band mates he's jamming with." Say what now?

Oh, right. According to Simmons, this whole tragedy is down to the fact that we as consumers aren't doing enough to support decent, hard-working record companies that therefore can't afford to support musicians like they used to. Shame on us. "There are still record companies, and it does apply to pop, rap, and country to an extent," he explains. "But for performers who are also songwriters — the creators — for rock music, for soul, for the blues — it's finally dead."


Paltrow kissing Kabbalah goodbye?

There's been a lot of change in Gwyneth Paltrow's life recently, so what's a little more? The actress and GOOP guru is reportedly ditching Kabbalah and converting to actual Judaism. Just to refresh your memory, Paltrow appeared on a 2011 episode of "Who Do You Think You Are" — the ancestry investigation reality show with a grammatically questionable title — and discovered that she's descended from a long line of rabbis, and she's previously droned on about how she's raising her children in the Jewish faith, so I guess this all kind of makes sense. Still, I'm sure she can work up a new GOOP post about it to make the decision seem impressively insufferable.

Banderas already moving on

As his divorce battle with Melanie Griffith rages on, Antonio Banderas has reportedly been finding it harder and harder to hide his affections for Dutch banker Nicole Kempel, the woman he was seen frolicking with in St. Tropez last month. And sources tell Radar Online that the two were already an item before Griffith filed for divorce. "He is really in love with her. He comes to France to visit her when he can, and they already went for a 10-day vacation together in secret," a source says. "Only her closest family and friends knew. They were hiding everything from everybody because Melanie got a very good divorce lawyer, and I think he was hoping to keep it under wraps until the end of the divorce."

"The Voice" could've been super-awkward for Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani admits that having husband Gavin Rossdale step in as a mentor during her first season as a judge on "the Voice" made her feel a little uneasy. "It was just awkward. We've only collaborated on making babies," Stefani says, according to Fox News, describing skills that probably wouldn't fly during a network prime time reality singing competition. The No Doubt singer was worried that she and Rossdale would clash over musical styles and tastes, which could be especially awkward in front of a national audience, but apparently she was worrying for no reason. "It was right at the beginning of the show and I was just getting my feet wet, so having him there was kind of rad."

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