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James Franco's current job is totally normal: He's guest starring on "The Mindy Project" as a hot doctor, a role which, no matter how you squint, contains no layers of irony or commentary on today's society.


Lest you think he's lost his edge, there is still his Instagram account.


On Wednesday Franco posted a number of photos of himself macking on both men and women. In one, he's making out with a girl in a car — "Franco first! Who's the guuurl? Perez Hilton," reads the caption, which is indeed scrawled Perez-style. In another, he's kissing a dude. "Just a Franco afternoon [heart] Gawker," he says.


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So what is he trying to say? If I had to take a wild stab, it sounds like he'd like to remind us that it's weird to even care if he's gay or not. I guess it is, but at this point I'm not sure we care as much as Franco cares about screwing with us.

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