A sign of affection, or a hint at a baby bump? Whatever Jen (in Valentino) and Justin were doing, they looked hot doing it. Jennifer Aniston gave a Tower Bar maitre d' the break of a lifetime.


Give most rich people good service, and they'll leave you a fat tip. Give Jennifer Aniston good service, and she'll make you a star.


Aniston likes to hang out at the Tower Bar in West Hollywood, and apparently that has a lot to do with its maitre d'hotel Dmitri Dmitrov, who's renowned for the discretion he affords his celebrity clientele. She's such a big fan that she's flying him to New York for three days to film a part in her upcoming movie "Squirrels to the Nuts." He shouldn't need to spend a lot of time in acting classes: He'll be playing a maitre d'.


This is so unfair. I've never leaked any of Jennifer Aniston's secrets to the press, either. But she never casts me in her movies.