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This was certainly … unexpected. America's Jennifer Lawrence is reportedly dating Coldplay front-man Chris Martin, according to E! News. They've apparently been spending time together since June. After the whole Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez thing — is that still a thing? — it's official. The gossip gods must be crazy. It's someone at a tabloid office has just been throwing photos of celebrities up in the air and seeing which ones land next to each other. J-Law, baby, darling, listen: I know you recently re-broke up with Nicholas Hoult and all, but if your only parameters for a boyfriend are tall, British and famous, I could've offered you plenty of other options. Like, I don't know, Peter Mayhew? You know, the guy who plays Chewbacca? I hear he's a very generous lover.

Demi Lovato forced to fess up on bold Twitter move

If you're still desperate for some details on why Demi Lovato went and unfollowed former BFF Selena Gomez on Twitter, Bravo's Andy Cohen is looking out for you. During a recent "Watch What Happens Live" interview, Cohen grilled Lovato on the unfollow heard round the world, and though Lovato tried to avoid addressing the topic at all, she finally conceded, "I think it's just one of those things where people changed and people grow apart." You hear that, Gomez? You've changed. Ball's in your court.

This week in crazy lawsuits

Beyonce and Jay-Z just can't catch a break. Amid the swirling rumors about trouble in their marriage, a homeless woman, Tina Seals, has filed a lawsuit asking for financial compensation because she claims to be the biological mother of their daughter, Blue Ivy, according to Radar Online. The bizarre handwritten filing states, "Through mutual associates Plaintiff (myself) provided DNA egg for Beyonce and Jay Z and look to work out some type of (sic) contractual agreement with Defendants that: a:) Would compensate me for my services with reference to Blue Ivy Doe. B) Would remove any criminal liability associated with the unlawful use of my DNA for the parties involved. C) Would terminate Plaintiff Parental Rights immediately and extend full parental rights to Defendants w/o Plaintiff support." Seals has filed similar suits against Kanye West and Janet Jackson, so take that for what it's worth. She is requesting DNA testing on Blue Ivy and "mandated mediation pending test results" because "I desire to preserve this relationship as these are great people."

Andrew Keegan went and started his own religion, man

Former teen star Andrew Keegan — remember "10 Things I Hate About You"? — has a new gig as the leader of a spiritual movement called Full Circle that's totally not a cult. Vice sent a reporter to check out the new religion, based in Venice Beach, Calif. Apparently, Keegan started the religion after he was attacked by gang members in 2011. "The significance of this occurrence is that it happened at the same time the tsunami hit Japan," Keegan says. As for whether this makes Keegan a cult leader? Vice's reporter writes, "[A church member that goes by] Third Eye explained that he was part of the 'inner circle,' composed of eight core members, all of whom are led by the founder Andrew Keegan. All the members are 'enlightened' and have come together to initiate change. While they are cooperative, Keegan is the official leader who has, as Third Eye put it, the 'ultimate say on all things.'"

Casey Kasem's remains heading to ... Norway?

Casey Kasem will finally be laid to rest … in Norway. The famous DJ's widow, Jean Kasem, is reportedly having his remains transported to Oslo for burial, even though he had no Norwegian heritage, according the Hollywood Reporter. Reps for Casey's children claim it is all part of Jean's attempts to make it more difficult to confirm allegations that she abused her husband in the years leading up to his death. "We don't know what her plans are," a spokesman for daughter Kerri Kasem says. "We just know that she wants to keep Casey away from family and friends, and by the looks of it hide from law enforcement."

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