Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow are reportedly maybe patching things up. Credit: Getty Images Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow are reportedly maybe patching things up.
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Paltrow and Martin consciously re-coupling?


Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin seem to be consciously undoing their decision to consciously uncouple, as three months after announcing their split the duo is reportedly working things out, according to the Daily Mirror. "Chris still lives with her, they are amazingly lovey-dovey together and she still wears her wedding ring. They may have consciously uncoupled a few months ago, but they seem to be recoupling now. No one will be surprised if they get back together," a source tells the paper. "It's true they had problems, but in the weirdest way this 'conscious uncoupling' situation has relieved the pressure on them.


Kanye, the family man


This is a version of Kanye West we really, really like. Kim Kardashian posted this cute picture of her husband and daughter on Instagram on Father’s Day, which was also the day North West turned 1. It’s nice to see a different side of Kanye than the weirdo who’s ranting away on stage about crazy stuff like he’ll be ‘going after Shakespeare and Walt Disney’ (yup, he said that during a performance at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival on Friday). Sleeping should be your new thing, Kanye! —Lasse E. Kristiansen


Kristen Stewart courting Demi for BFF position

Kristen Stewart has her sights set on Demi Moore as a co-star and potential new BFF, according to Star magazine. "Kristen is making serious noise about befriending Demi, whom she's worshiped for years, and convincing her they should play a mother-daughter team in a new action comedy," a source says, explaining that Stewart thinks a film pairing "will help both their careers and somewhat depressing public images." Plus, it will help her attain a lifelong dream of working with the "Indecent Proposal" star. "It's been a long-held dream of Kristen's to star in a movie with Demi. She's been a fan of hers for a good 15 years and is on the hunt for a fun action role for her and Demi," the source says. "Demi's very receptive to working with Kristen, but it will all depend on what scripts she can muster."

Doctor thinks Nicole Kidman got implants

Nicole Kidman made quite an impression on the red carpet at the Swisse Celebrate Life Ball in Melbourne recently, donning a Prada gown with a plunging neckline, and some are saying the Oscar-winning actress was showing off some newly enlarged assets. "It appears she has had a pretty impressive breast augmentation. I suspect that she's gone from a big a or small B to a full C [cup size]," Dr. Anthony Youn, who has not treated Kidman tells Radar Online. "Overall I think it looks good, although maybe a touch overdone. It's also possible she still has some swelling."

Who's tweeting what?

As always, we check in with some of Hollywood's biggest names to see what they've been up to — in their own words, in 140 characters or fewer. Today, RuPaul is dispensing wisdom, Chloe Grace Moretz is a fan of a certain number of folks, Seth Rogen is feeling accomplished and Miles Teller is feeling motivated.

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