Justin Bieber's grandmother is a lot more lenient than mine would've been. Justin Bieber's grandmother is a lot more lenient than mine would've been.


I don't know. I don't even know.


TMZ has pictures of Justin Bieber placidly staring naked into the camera, his Justinhood shielded only by his acoustic guitar. In another pic, from the rear, he is, well, significantly less shielded.[embedgallery id=201035]


This wouldn't be surprising if it was something he did to impress his friends, who seem like a bunch of little creeps who like to encourage him to pee in buckets. But in fact, the nakedness went down at his grandma's house over Thanksgiving.Apparently, Bieber slept late and woke to find the rest of the house already in full swing. To make it up to his grandmother — or possibly to piss her off more, this part is very confusing to me — Biebs stripped down, grabbed his guitar, and crooned, "I loooove you grandmaaaa ... how are youuuu ... helloooo grandma."


Unlike my grandmother, who would have disowned me, Bieber's grandmother was reportedly amused by the "prank." Canadians, eh.

In less harmless Bieber hijinks news, the star is reportedly under investigation for assault. The good news is, the Bieb didn’t assault anyone. The bad news is, he may have asked his bodyguards to do it for him.

Police are investigating an altercation outside a Southampton club between Bieber’s crew and a man named Wayne Rennalls. According to theNew York Post, it all began with an H&M bow tie: Rennalls gave the tie to a waitress, then attempted to follow her into the VIP area to get it back. There he ran into Bieber and his entourage, who “got in his face,” a source said.