Remember Kate Gosselin? The woman who was famous for a couple of minutes for having a thousand kids? No, not the one with the tentacles, the one with the mullet. Yeah, that one!

Gosselin — previously of “Jon and Kate Plus Eight” fame, currently just another sad, harried mom with bad hair — is making headlines again. Likely to her immense relief. Because, where does one go after flash-in-the-pan reality TV fame? (The answer is Kmart.)

Kate is suing ex-husband/bonafide creep Jon Gosselin for allegedly hacking into her email and bugging her phone in order to access super, top-secret information for an eBook that nobody has heard of and nobody will read (because Jon Gosselin wrote it. and because it’s an eBook) called “Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World.” Into...what exactly?


LOL at that. All of it.

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