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The Word: Leonardo DiCaprio is watching his figure

"Hey, is that ziti?" (TIZIANA FABI/AFP/GettyImages) "Hey, is that ziti?" (TIZIANA FABI/AFP/GettyImages)

Celebrity diet alert! After a summer of "feasting and drinking yachts," relaxing, growing an really impressive beard and generally letting himself go, Leonardo DiCaprio is looking to downsize and ditch 10 pounds by autumn, according to Star magazine. "He has given up pasta — and he loves pasta," says a source I can only assume is DiCaprio's mother. "He also plans on working out more, and he is taking his bike wherever he goes." I will say this for this story: It's refreshing to see this kind of attention being paid to a male celebrity's figure and diet for once. Maybe we're actually getting close to that whole equality thing after all. But what prompted this move on DiCaprio's part? Did a tabloid run a photo suggesting he might be pregnant?


Howard Stern gets morbid in Ice Bucket Challenge nominations

Howard Stern is usually pretty up on current events, so this is somewhat of a surprise. After completing his now mandatory for a celebrity ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, he passed it on by nominating Barbara Walter, Mark Consuelos and … the recently deceased Casey Kasem? That one's going to be pretty tough to pull off.

Nick Cannon's dad ponders marriage trouble

Nick Cannon's still not allowed to make a peep about his split from wife Mariah Carey — her lawyers are better than his, see? — but that doesn't mean his dad, preacher James Cannon, can't sneak some cryptic messages into a Facebook post. Nick's dad posts a number of questions that, though they're tough to decipher, seem to point to some very specific marital difficulties. "Heres a thing, if the husband say no lies, and the wife lies all the time, what should the man do?" he asks. "Here a thing, if the wife put on 200 pounds and the husband like a nice slim wife what should that man do? Here a thing, if a husband wants to have 10 children and his wife only wants two children then what should that man do?" The elder Cannon, for his part, thinks we're all being ridiculous and reading too much into his grammatically questionable pondering. "I do not get into other [people's] business not even my own sons," he wrote in a follow-up post. "[Their] business is [their] business and [their] relationship is there [between] them and God."

Sofia Vergara thinks you're being ridiculous

Sofia Vergara hears your complaints that her Emmy bit — rotating on a turntable to give viewers "something compelling to look at" while TV academy head Bruce Rosenblum droned on — was sexist, and she thinks you're being silly. "I think it's absolutely the opposite," Vergara tells Us Weekly. "It means that somebody can be hot and also be funny and make fun of herself and enjoy and work and make money. So O absolutely think it's ridiculous and somebody who started — and I know who she was — has no sense of humor and should lighten up a little bit." Is that "she" Vergara's referring to Katie Couric, by any chance? Couric, after all, tweeted, "Did anyone else find that shtick somewhat offensive?"

Harry Potter's oversharing continues

Daniel Radcliffe might want to cool it on the opening up routine for a bit, or he'll risk overexposure. The "What If" star has been on a extra-long publicity tour, with the latest stop finding him opening up to Parade magazine about his current relationship with Erin Darke. "We met on the set of 'Kill Your Darlings' and just got on immediately. It was one of those instant things where you're like, 'Oh, I really like this person,'" he says. "There's just been an ease in conversation, a relaxed quality to it. I'm not a very chilled-out person a lot of the time. But there's a relaxed quality to our conversation. There's no effort in it. It's totally flowing. It's a wonderful thing."

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