The Word: Liam Hemsworth breaking up with Miley

Looks like no wedding bells for Liam Hemsworth and Miley.



If it ain’t the Kardashians giving me easy “news” fodder, it’s Miley. I love Miley.


Unfortunately, I guess Liam Hemsworth does not love Miley because, according to US Weekly, he’s over their engagement and does not want to make it twerk. LOL see what I did there? Twerking is so hot right now, you guys. And that new club drug Molly, which — heads up, parents — is not new, but will help you twerk better but also maybe kill you.


Anyway, my point here (I had one, I swear) is that Miley and Liam will not be getting married after all. Also, Miley called a paparazzo a c—nt over the weekend, and then announced it over Twitter. Miley don’t care.

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