Actress Lindsay Lohan. Credit: Reuters Lindsay Lohan is not even in the running, according to a production source.
Credit: Reuters


Lindsay Lohan is out of rehab. She looks healthy. She's got a spring in her step. Time for her to resume being a movie star, right? Well, maybe.


Rumors surfaced recently that Lohan was being considered for a role in Ben Affleck's upcoming film "Live By Night." However, a source on the production denies that the role has been cast — and says there's no way Lohan will land it.


"It's not true," the source told Us Weekly. "First off, no one has been cast. [Lohan] will not be cast in any role in the movie. She is not being considered for any role in the movie. She won't be in the movie."


Man, how many ways can one anonymous source say "no"? It's like a reverse Bloody Mary. Deny her 50 times or she will appear.


The troubled star finished her court-ordered 90-day stay in rehab this week, and rumor has it that this time it just might stick. Sources close to Lindsay toldTMZthey’re “shocked” at the change in her attitude, adding,”It’s like invasion of the body snatchers. She’s a different person.”

Whoever snatched Lindsay’s body is taking good care of it: She’s reportedly requested a three- to four-day stay in a sober living facility after her exit from rehab. After that, sources say she plans to move back to New York, and that while scared of the temptations here, she’s ready to face them. She can come hang at my place if she gets tempted. I’m working my way through “The Wire.”