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Notorious Hollywood bad boy Justin Bieber is at it again. His crime? Playing with his vroom-vrooms too hard when there are smaller kids around.

Los Angeles police visited Bieber's home last night, according to E! Online. A source says Bieber's neighbors complained that he drove too fast and too recklessly, endangering the neighborhood's (other) children. The source claims that the police received numerous calls on Monday from the neighborhood's residents, complaining of Bieber's behavior.

No word on whether Bieber has, as the police no doubt suggested strongly, taken his toys and gone home. But there's no more news out of Bieber Central, so maybe he finally went down for his nap.


Last night at the Billboard Music Awards, Justin Bieber won the fan-voted Milestone Award; but as he took the stage to accept it, the audience booed him, according toPeople.

The crowd may have just been punchy — it was the last award of the night. Perhaps they were sleepy and wanted their pajamas. Perhaps they did not approve of Justin’soddly wet-lookingoutfit.

However, Justin was not amused by the crowd’s reaction. “I’m an artist, and I should be taken seriously. This other bull should not be spoken of,” said the teenager, who recently abandoned his monkey in Germany.

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