Ryan Gosling may play Luke Skywalker's son in the JJ Abrams-directed sequel to "Star Wars." Ryan Gosling may play Luke Skywalker's son in the J.J. Abrams-directed sequel to "Star Wars."

Casting rumors continue to swirl around the new "Star Wars" films, but this might be the first one that really makes us sit up and take notice: Director J.J. Abrams is reportedly eyeing Ryan Gosling to play Luke Skywalker's son.

Zac Efron is also reportedly a candidate for a role, according to E! Online, but who cares, relatively speaking, because Ryan Gosling might be in "Star Wars." I can't even imagine what would happen if Ryan Gosling fandom and "Star Wars" fandom were brought together. It would certainly cause a great disturbance in the box office.

I suspect, though, that not nearly as many of these big names we're hearing will actually end up in the rebooted franchise. They could cast a grumpy badger as the new "Star Wars" hero and people wouldn't care once that "dum DUM dum-dum-dum DUM dum" started up.


Oh, J.J. Abrams. Don’t you know it’s not nice to tease the nerds?

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