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Taylor Swift shared the stage with Carly Simon recently to duet on the pop legend's "You're So Vain." Lucky Taylor doesn't just get to sing it — she gets to mean it. Carly told her who it was about.

The subject of "You're So Vain" has been rumored to be everyone from Warren Beatty to David Geffen, but Carly has never breathed a word to the public. Now Taylor joins the extremely small club of those in the know."I was thinking she might tell you, but I do know now," she told MTV.

Wow. All it takes is a little hand-holding and duetting and Taylor's sparkly brand of girl power to get people to spill their secrets? Maybe she can give some tips to the Pentagon.


Remember Taylor and Kanye’s beef? The VMAs? “I’ma let you finish?” Well, it turns out that Kanye was nowhere near finished.

An audio recording leaked toGawkercontains a male voice, said to be Kanye the night of the VMAs, ranting at length about Taylor Swift, Pink, how hard Kanye works and racism. “Because I wrote my verse in two days, Taylor Swift cannot beat Beyonce. As long as I’m alive!” he says at one point.

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