Angelina Jolie poses with her husband Brad Pitt as they arrive for the world premiere of his film World War Z in London June 2, 2013.  Credit: Reuters Is there anything Brad Pitt can't do? Credit: Reuters

What's the sexiest thing about Brad Pitt? His gorgeous blue eyes? His square jaw? His mad yodeling skills? His shaggy blond hair?

Yeah. Totally the yodeling. We're all on the same page about that.

Brad joined Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday's episode of "Late Night" for a video bit in which the two have a yodeling conversation across the rooftops of New York. Although they appear to be lip synching, Brad really gets into it, sporting a grin that seems to say, "Can you believe I'm up for this, given how handsome I am? I am the most beautiful good sport."


He is. He really is.

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