The Word: Where the money at? DMX is bankrupt

DMX — like half the Jersey housepeople — is now bankrupt.



Bankruptcy is so hot right now. Right on the heels of the announcement that Worst Couple in the History of TV Couples, Teresa and Joe Giudice, are facing possible (probable) jail time for 39 counts of fraud and concealing assets during bankruptcy, TMZ reports that former co-star Danielle Staub is also filing for 'ruptcy.


Shocking, right? I'd always sort of assumed that flaunting your conspicuous consumption on a trashy reality show was a really pro way to manage your money and your life. Color me tricked.


What's more: Rapper/dog aficionado-turned-unfortunate star of his own reality show ("Couples Therapy") DMX is also bankrupt. The one-time super famous rapper who I don't think makes music anymore allegedly owes $1.24 million in back child support fees. That's a lot of money to owe for anything, much less taking care of your own flesh and blood. Bad dog.

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