After two hours of nearly nonstop laughter, heretofore unseen camp and double entendres, there is only one thing to say about Ryan Landry’s “Peter Pansy”: What took him so long?

For more than a decade, Landry and his Gold Dust Orphans have earned rave reviews, legions of loyal followers and near-cult status with their trademark spoofs. Their twisted take on the little boy and his magical fairy may be their most outrageous work yet.

Do not, however, confuse this fairy tale with its innocent inspiration, “Peter Pan.” Landry’s adaptation is not suitable for all ages and will certainly ruffle more than a few feathers in an uptight crowd. But if you can enjoy a Tinker Bell that straight people can’t see, think “We Haven’t Any Fag Hags” is a great idea for a musical number and aren’t offended by anatomically inspired monsters or gender-bending humor, get your tickets before the troupe takes it to Provincetown for the summer.

Michael Wood puts the boy in flamboyant with his delicate turn as Peter, while Orphan mainstay Olive Another is comic perfection as his jaded sidekick Tinker Bell. Liza Lott may change your perception of both Wendy and bananas with her stellar performance and Landry adds more than just sparkly lips to his riotous portrayal of Captain Hook.

Godiva is delightful in dual roles as the over-imbibing Ruby and Smee, while Samantha Brior-Jones delivers not only the show’s impressive choreography, but a smoking Tiger Lily who belts out “Half Gay,” a musical parody of “Half Breed,” for her bisexual lover.

‘Peter Pansy’
Through May 29
1254 Boylston St., Boston
$35-$45, 617-265-6222

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