The Old Man & Old Moon WTF 8-14 169 THE OLD MAN AND THE OLD MOON By PigPen Theatre Co. Directed by Stuart   and PigPen Theatre Co Williamstown Theatre Festival 8/14. Lydia Fine:Scenic & Costume Designer Bart CortrightLighting Designer Mikhail Fiksel Sound Designer  © T Charles Erickson "The Old Man and the Old Moon" will change the way you imagine modern theater and storytelling.
Credit: T Charles Erickson


A musical folk tale about how life comes full circle has now lived its message by returning to where it originated —in NYC.


On Oct. 13, “The Old Man and the Old Moon” completes its limited engagement at the New Victory (209 W. 42nd St.) to continue its tour of the East Coast.


Widely hailed as one of the best shows of 2012, PigPen Theatre Co.’s homely piece de resistance is humble, heartwarming and hilarious. Staged as a “lo-fi spectacle,” the play uses an incredibly imaginative blend of puppets, shadows and homemade props to explain how one man abandons his important duty — filling the moon with light each night — to chase his wife to the ends of the Earth.


If the story doesn’t move you, the frolicking folk rock tunes —performed by the company of actors onstage — surely will. But then again, so will the story.

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