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These businesses are out of their trees!

When it comes to Christmas trees, the best way to get attention is to go out on a limb.

When it comes to Christmas trees, the best way to get attention is to go out on a limb. Pun definitely intended, because from a distance, the giant floor-to-ceiling purple, navy-blue and pea-green “tree” currently gracing Louis on Fan Pier looks like it’s created from shag carpets. But closer inspection reveals that its zillions of fronds are an abstract echo of a fir tree’s needles, painstakingly created from pipe cleaners.

Each holiday season, Louis’ team designs an artistic and creative interpretation of a Christmas tree in the form of a dress. Or is that the other way round?

“The dress is the basic idea we start with,” says Sarah Barney, Louis visual merchandiser.
Next is size and shape.

“With the new space, we knew we could go very large. Then we look for bright, vibrant ideas.”

This year’s conical design took textural inspiration from a Douglas Homer pop-art chair made from an uber-shaggy, tentacle-looking material. Louis’ minimalist millinery creation is topped with a swathe of white tulle that intimates the traditional Christmas tree fairy. Illusion is as close to the average traditional Christmas tree as Louis’ eye-catching creation gets.

Traditional with a twist

How about decorating the tree traditionally ... and then turning it upside down?! Marvel at the gravity-defying decorations on the inverted tree at Wicked Fire Kissed Pizza. At the Liberty Hotel, upside-down trees form giant chandeliers in the lobby. Closer inspection of the three twinkling classic-looking trees at the Boston Har-bor Hotel reveals they’re trimmed with nautical decorations, honoring the ocean setting. It isn’t the Beehive’s classic tree that’s odd, it’s the army of Santas guarding it.

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